Business Consulting

BCS is a team of Business Doctors’ with more than 20 years of hands-on experience and technological know-how. We specialize in business support and business process outsourcing provisions.

Business process outsourcing boomed in the early 2000s onwards as a cost saving measured leveraging on skilled low cost resources in geographically diverse locations. The drive started from India, with voice processes and gradually encompassed almost all facets of the business world. Concentrated handling of outsourced processes further lead to lean management, standardisation of processes and continuous improvement of best practices. As on day, outsourcing of processes is a vertical in itself supporting all types of businesses. Current outsourcing models support, offshoring, in-shoring as well as near shoring catering to specific client requirements.

‘Cost Cutting’ & ‘Business Sustainability’ drive of today, dictates judicious optimisation of resources, especially finance. Cost optimisation up to 60% of running cost can be achieved by outsourcing, in addition to the reduction in resource utilisation, including man-hours. Consequent improvement in quality is also achieved with minimal effort along with the cost optimisation. The eluded micro-management effort is then fruitfully utilised in strategic business improvement & expansion.

All businesses have healthy mix of cost and revenue centers. These have their own importance and are interdependent on each other. Efficacy of the outsourced processes lies in leveraging and high quality of service delivery by skilled manpower for processes, which would otherwise be effort consuming support centers. Team BCS is highly experienced in managing business processes.

BSC process managers are client representatives who ensure very high quality deliverables. SMEs at BCS understand the criticality of these functions and provide error-free, efficient and smooth transition of these processes at our premises from where your business as usual can be performed.

Additionally the team is capable of providing consultation on process development, process implementation and transition of processes; as well as business process re-engineering. We will be keen to render our services in any of these areas as and when required.

BCS has global standards facilities and resources to manage backend processes; functional 24 X 7 X 365 days. We provide support for customer facing voice and non-voice processes as well as back office support operations; achieving satisfaction up to client’s client level.

To discuss this business proposition, we request you to let us know a suitable time and channel of interaction. Our consultant will discuss and review your requirement to provide an initial complementary consultation after primarily discussion of the business requirement; ensuring further treading on a collaborative route.